What Real Peace Feels Like

Bangalore is a thriving metropolis renowned for its high-tech industries—India’s “Silicon Valley.” It is also home to several state-of-the-art medical establishments. One of the most progressive, Vydehi Institute of Nursing Sciences and Research Centre, has just incorporated the Peace Education Program (PEP) into its curriculum. The 10-week workshop features videos based on excerpts from Prem Rawat’s international speaking events that cover themes such as Inner Strength, Choice, and Contentment.

The Principal of Vydehi, Professor L. E. Madhumathi, screened the entire video series in advance. “Though there are many who have been talking about peace for many years,” she said, “PEP is not just talk, not a theory, not a written manual, but a very practical way to attain inner peace. Our faculty members and nursing students will definitely benefit from this program.”

Vydehi Institute, set on a 65-acre oasis of greenery, is unique in its advancement of the science of healing. A college of integrative medicine that promotes “love and compassion for the underprivileged and ailing,” Vydehi educates highly skilled nurses who treat patients worldwide. IMG-20141119-WA0037Making PEP available to its students and staff demonstrates the Institute’s forward-looking approach to wellbeing. So far, 120 staff and students have completed the workshop.

From day one, everybody was enthusiastic. Some of the participants even helped facilitate the early PEP sessions. By week four, all were involved. Faculty and students attended consistently, despite their demanding academic schedules.

Each workshop provided time for reflection. “I am awake from a deep sleep,” said one attendee. “My search for peace and joy has ended with the Peace Education Program. It’s the first time I got to know that true happiness lies within me.”

DSC_0730“PEP explains the real meaning of peace—not what people think about peace,” another said. “It makes me contemplate, ‘Who am I?’ I wish this program could reach every corner of the world, so that we can all have a clear understanding of the obvious.”

At the end of the final workshop, many participants said they hoped to learn more. Students described PEP as an innovative program with “self-awareness as the core—the most important aspect of our life.” Participants plan to stay in touch, a rewarding outcome for the Bangalore PEP team. The team looks forward to conducting many more workshops in the city, inspired by each heartfelt comment.

“This education program helps me to stay with inner peace,” said a nursing student. “It also develops self-confidence and a positive approach toward life. I would like to thank Mr. Prem Rawat for doing such a great thing—making people aware of what real peace actually feels like.”



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