Video: Prem Rawat & Italian Officials Support Peace Education at Senate

Prem Rawat joined a distinguished panel of Italian officials at the Senate in Rome on October 12 to talk about the importance of peace education. Several called for peace education to be incorporated more effectively into educational settings so that youth and people of all ages are empowered to live more fulfilling lives and build a more peaceful world.

“Peace should be as fundamental to children’s education as other subjects such as writing, reading, or learning to eat by themselves,” said Senator Danila De Lucia

​​​Thank you to all of the speakers for supporting peace education: Prem Rawat, Founder of TPRF and the Peace Education Program; Barbara Florida, Vice Minister for Education; Arnaldo Lomuti, Member of the Senate’s Justice Committee; Danila De Lucia, Member of Committee for Public Education and Cultural Heritage; and Enrico Vincenti, General Secretary of UNESCO’s National Italian Commission.

Watch a video replay of the entire event below embedded via the TPRF YouTube channel in English, Italian, and Spanish (translation in more languages will be posted soon):

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An initiative of Senator Lomuti, the October 12 meeting followed a move earlier this year by the Ministry of Justice and legislators to expand the Peace Education Program across Italian correctional facilities. Italian officials are also now looking for ways to expand the innovative workshop series in educational settings for the benefit of all.

More than 175,000 people have already participated in the Peace Education Program in 70 countries, proving to be a powerful tool to help people of all kinds discover their own inner strength and personal peace.



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