Together for Peace (Juntos por La Paz): A Message from Calle Paz y Respeto

This new song and music video was created by Calle Paz y Respeto, a group of former gang members in Alpachaca, Ecuador who were inspired by The Prem Rawat Foundation’s peace education workshops to change their ways and be a force for good in their community. They asked TPRF to post their video this week in solidarity with the U.N. International Day of Peace to help inspire youth around the globe to come together for peace.

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TPRF is also in the process of working with the group on a humanitarian project to provide food, seeds, and gardens to people in their community hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calle Paz y Respeto’s new music video, “Together for Peace,” follows the 2018 Peace Day video they made in collaboration with TPRF, which reached millions of people:

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Learn more about Calle Paz y Respeto: https://tprf.org/tag/calle-paz-y-respeto/

Learn more about the Peace Education Program: https://tprf.org/peace-education-program/



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