Thunderbird is a 3rd party App that you can use to transfer your saved e mails from your existing TPRF account to your new one. You can then continue to use Thunderbird or revert back to your existing e mail client.

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Below are steps to migrate your saved e mails:

1When first opening Thunderbird you will be given an option to create a new email account with them. Please chose “Skip this”.
2 Enter your existing e mail information and put “old” at the end of your name. This just for reference purposes and can be changed later. Select Done.


 3 Now select create new email account. 
 4Repeat step 1 above
 5 Enter your new email information and select continue 
 6 Select Manual Config 
 7 Enter the information highlighted in this image and select Done


 8 To begin the transfer process, highlight all the emails you want to transfer.  You can highlight them by clicking on “Edit” in the menu bar and then “Select All“:

The upper inbox is your existing email account and the lower inbox is your new account.

 9 Right click on the email messages. In Thunderbird, mouse over “Copy To” and then select the inbox you want to copy the emails. Remember this will be the 2nd email account. 
10Finally, you can click on the new inbox to make sure the emails are transferred. You can confirm the emails were copied by simply checking the inboxes of both accounts. The emails in each account should be identical. You can check both the old and new accounts to confirm the process was successful:
 11 You can now continue using Thunderbird as your email client or follow the instructions to setup your existing email