The Student and the Secretary

These letters of appreciation come from residents of Tasarpu village in Nepal.  The TPRF Food for People center here serves six hundred meals daily to children and adults.

From Ms. Binita Gautam, Student of Adarsha Secondary School:
Children eating while watching educational TV at FFP facility

Children eating while watching educational TV at FFP facility

I’m proud that the Foundation is in our village. This organization made available the balanced diet to the school children like us and hence provided the golden opportunity to acquire an education.

This is a very good opportunity. In our school, there are so many poor students who, due to poverty, could not come to school daily or who used to come to school without food. But after the establishment of the Food for People center here, they have started to be regular in the school.

This Foundation has helped us.  We should also help the Foundation in all respects.

Students walking to FFP Nepal before classes

Students walking to FFP Nepal before classes

From Govardhan Dhakal, Village Development Committee Secretary, Tasarpu:

This is a place where there is no development and awareness. There is poverty, but no productivity and no education.  The parents don’t want to send their children to school. There is a need to send the children for cattle grazing, but no food to send them to school.

It has taken great courage and effort to arrange daily balanced and hygienic food for the 500 children here.

In the beginning, I had not believed that it would continue regularly like it has. I had the chance to attend the inaugural event. And in one year period after that, I’ve been here 2-3 times. Even when I couldn’t come here, I asked the children and elderly people taking food here, “How’s the food? How do you feel?” They replied that they are happy.

As a VDC secretary, I would like to thank the Foundation a lot. May this noble work continue without any interruption. I’m ready to extend all the other possible support for  this work.

May this grow well and expand to other remote settlements with many branches.  My best wishes.

*Photos courtesy of Premsagar Foundation Nepal



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