The Prism of Translation

This article is the first in a series designed to offer a quick look at some of the people who do volunteer work for TPRF. The Foundation depends on the dedicated, high quality efforts of volunteers like the people who appear in these stories to make its proprietary humanitarian programs, the Peace Education (PEP) and Food for People (FFP) available to the public, and to broaden awareness of Prem Rawat’s universal Message of Peace. The message expands into a broad spectrum of languages for worldwide availability through the efforts of the TPRF translation team, much like light divides into a rainbow of colors through a prism. Following is an interview with Tomás del Arco, manager of the Foundation’s Facebook page and member of the Spanish translation team.

Tomás del Arco has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies and is preparing for a career as a speech therapist. He resides in Pamplona, Spain. Tomás began his TPRF volunteer work in March 2011.

TPRF: Please describe your volunteer role.

Tomas With Maria Irurzun

Tomás with María Irurzun

TD: I started as Facebook Manager for the TPRF Spanish page with the help of our proofreader, Maria Irurzun. When the TPRF Blog was created a few months later, I translated the weekly posts into Spanish. I am also involved in the translation of articles for the Foundation, along with Rodrigo Ferrerosa, our Team Manager. Another part of our job includes translating press releases, documentation for the Peace Education Program, brochures, and video subtitling for the YouTube Channel.

The other members of the translation team include Poonam Sherawat (Hindi translator) and Giuseppe Buffa (Italian translator).

Social Media team members include Barry Shaw (writes English bulletins for Facebook), Deepak Saharawat (Causes), and (Anup Aryal (Twitter).

TPRF: There are so many volunteer opportunities available for people with the inclination to help other people. What made you choose to volunteer for TPRF?

TD: This, I feel, is a two-part answer. First of all, I am very touched by the humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the Foundation, and I am impressed with the remarkable success and efficiency of the Peace Education Program and Food for People. Secondly, I am very grateful for the quality of life I enjoy thanks to my relationship with Prem Rawat. This feeling of peace and joy inside makes you want to give back.

I want to make it clear, however, that it is not necessary to be a student of Prem Rawat, or even to know about him, to volunteer for the organization. Many people who admire what TPRF is doing make efforts to advance the Foundation’s goals.

Tomas Attends TPRF Booth at Event in Madrid

Tomás Attends TPRF Booth at Event in Madrid

TPRF: What do you find particularly satisfying or enjoyable about your volunteer role?

TD: I think the most fun and enjoyable part of my volunteer work is the harmonious relationships I have developed with my teammates. As time goes on, our efforts seem to blend more easily, and we share a real sense of accomplishment and joy in what we are doing individually.

In addition, particularly in the area of social media, I feel like I am a reporter making people aware of something magical that is happening on the cutting edge of social change for a better world. This is very exciting to me.

Volunteer Steve Kowarsky is the director of TPRF’s social media presence. He kindly offered this interesting overview of the TPRF Social Media Program and the activities of the individual team members:

“TPRF aims to make its social media presence accessible to as many people as possible. We currently have four TPRF Pages on Facebook–in English, Spanish, Italian, and Hindi. Each Page has its own manager, whose job starts with translation of posts that usually begin in English.

“The role involves much more than translation, however. Facebook is an interactive environment. Each manager monitors his or her Page and promptly responds to posts and comments from TPRF constituents. Tomás and his colleagues form a global social media team that works together with a level of enthusiasm and responsiveness that always inspires me. The team members enjoy working together and they communicate with a light touch that makes the collaboration lots of fun.”





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