It’s Working–Well Mechanics Restore Water Systems And Earn A Living

In 2011, TPRF agreed to match funds for an ambitious initiative organized by The Adventure Project to raise funds during the week of World Water Day (March 22) to repair broken water wells in northern India.  137 bloggers participating around the world helped make the...
When Water Works: Highlights from a Successful Partnership

When Water Works: Highlights from a Successful Partnership

“One year later, I am proud to report that WaterAid has successfully established two well mechanic shops in Kako and Ghosi blocks in the Jehanabad district of Bihar. As of February 29th, 12 new mechanics have repaired 85 hand pumps, restoring access to clean water for 12,386 people in need!” Becky Straw, co-founder of The Adventure Project, an organization dedicated to helping people have access to clean water.

Mission Accomplished on World Water Day

The idea came to Becky Straw and Jody Landers, Co-Founders of the Adventure Project, from members of her organization, known affectionately as the “Tribe.” One week before World Water Day (March 22nd) blog writers proposed a challenge to raise $10,000 in one day by promoting the Adventure Project’s latest initiative: repairing broken water pump handles in northern India. The anticipated results of the initiative are twofold. By bringing wells that have fallen into disrepair back into use, 300 more people per month (3,600 per year) will have access to clean water. In addition, the initiative will provide training and jobs to enable unemployed people to lift themselves out of poverty.

The Water Crisis: A Fresh Approach

The world’s supply of fresh water has not increased since biblical times. We are destroying an irreplaceable commodity essential to life while increasing demand at an uncontrolled, alarming rate.