Peace Education Volunteer Perspectives

Peace Education Volunteer Perspectives

This blog is the second installment of our volunteer story series. Doug Sage lives in Toronto, Canada and is a retired business owner. He has been a TPRF volunteer for about one year. Beryl Williams lives in the UK and runs a translation services company. Beryl and...

Echoes of Peace From the Heartland

Dena Eakles is founder of Echo Valley Farm, Ontario, Wisconsin, and of the nonprofit Echo Valley Hope.  In her blog,  Dena tells us how she and a group of like-minded friends came together to live a full life of celebration and community service centered upon Prem...

FFP Ghana–The Making of a Miracle

Everyone is feeling really blessed and happy. School enrollments are growing daily since the project began. Now, we have 400 students enrolled in the Otinibi School. An Assemblyman told me he expects 100 students from four neighboring villages to come to Food for People for regular meals.