Ghana Food for People Opening Soon

The children and elders in and around the village of Otinibi can hardly wait for the inaugural ceremonies marking the opening of the third Food for People in Ghana. Construction teams are working long hours to complete the final touches. Just as the end is in sight, a slight plot complication has heightened the drama of this compelling story.

Anticipation and Spirits Rise in Otinibi

“Everybody is excited and the whole village is wondering whether it is a dream or a reality. The inauguration of Food for People in Ghana will mark a turning point in the lives of the children of Otinibi. They cannot wait to see it open so they can have delicious and nutritious meals. People who walk and drive by wonder what is going on; and when they are told, they get very excited and amazed.” Kafuie Esi Adjei writes about the immenent opening of the third Foof for People Center in Otinibi, a village in Ghana near the city of Accra.

Bringing Smiles–Kindling Hope

“The Bantoli Food for People opened on March 23, 2006. I have been taking food from the date of commencement. The food served here is very nutritious and I feel very good when I see the beauty of FFP.” Sheela Kumari, age14, Food for People beneficiary, Bantoli–India.

FFP Ghana–The Making of a Miracle

Everyone is feeling really blessed and happy. School enrollments are growing daily since the project began. Now, we have 400 students enrolled in the Otinibi School. An Assemblyman told me he expects 100 students from four neighboring villages to come to Food for People for regular meals.

Making Progress in Nepal (Part 2)

“Before the start of the Food for People program by the Foundation, our school was running only up to grade seven and the enrollment and attendance were low. After FFP started serving meals daily, not only did the student attendance become more regular and the number of students increase, but also the parents, guardians and students realized the importance of education.” Comments by the Headmaster of Shri Adarsha Secondary School.