Staff Training Underway at Food for People Ghana

On Saturday, February 18th, staff members served a “rehearsal” lunch to approximately 120 people. Bobby Hendry reports that people visiting the facility for the first time were “impressed” with the physical layout of the structure.

The guests enjoyed the meal, which consisted of grilled red fish, crispy chicken, two rice dishes, and mixed vegetables, all seasoned with delicious hot sauces prepared to the tastes of the local population.  A luscious dessert of ice cream and fresh fruit topped off the meal.

Bobby Hendry (Left) With Staff Members

Before the meal, Dan Modey, one of the project managers, made a small speech to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Bobby Hendry reports that the staff members are learning their jobs quickly.

On Tuesday, February 21st, staff members served a rehearsal lunch to the first group of children.  Photos of the children eating will follow in the next installment of this blog.

Interior and exterior finishing continues at a rapid pace.  The development team reaches new milestones with each passing day, bringing the project closer and closer to the official opening (March 5 to March 10, depending on arrival and installation of permanent refrigeration units.)

So much has been accomplished.  So many obstacles have been overcome.  The shining reality of Ghana Food for People has almost arrived.

Photos By Francis Ahore

Practice Makes Perfect--The First Lunch is Served



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