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Cusco, Peru has a long history of violence, and too often aggressiveness in the streets and classrooms has been a daily reality. That is starting to change now that the Peace Education Program has inspired students, teachers, and police to come together to cultivate new hope, respect, and understanding. Nearly 10,000 people have participated in the program at Cusco schools in 2020, growing more peaceful communities.

If the Peace Education Program can help sow seeds of peace in Cusco, it can help anywhere.

Teachers and faculty at a growing number of schools and universities around the globe credit the program with helping students discover their own personal strengths, feel more confident to deal with difficult situations, and successfully apply non-violent solutions.

The program consists of videos and activities that help students discover and develop their own inner resources and strengths. The course includes material on ten themes: Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength, Self-awareness, Dignity, Choice, Hope, Clarity, Understanding and Contentment.

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The content of each theme is presented with 20-30 minutes of short videos and time for reflection and discussion. The content is drawn from peace educator Prem Rawat’s international presentations, media interviews, and interactions with a diverse range of audiences. The course material is inclusive and non-political. The course sessions are designed to promote critical and creative thinking, genuine reflection, and thoughtful discussion, while helping students develop greater personal awareness and resilience.

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“Peace needs to be in everyone’s life. It is not the world that needs peace; it is people. When people in the world are at peace within themselves, the world too will be at peace.” 

–Prem Rawat

What Students and Teachers Have Said:

“I thought a very poignant thing that Prem Rawat said is that education is not just about heads full of equations, but of what it is to find peace within ourselves. I think that is very relevant to students”

— Cambridge University Student

“The Peace Education Program connects you to something bigger, a bigger sense of community, while also showing you that you have the responsibility in yourself and you have the power in yourself.”

— Teacher and Parent

“It has had an impact on my anxiety. It is really important. It’s hard to be a kid in this world.”

— 12th Grade Student

“We are not just lecturing them about not bullying or this or that character trait; we are giving them tools to be amazing human beings and to help them manoeuvre in very tricky waters.

— Librarian

News About the Peace Education Program

Start offering the program now by filling out an online application, or communicate with a support representative at [email protected] to learn more about how you can use this powerful program to help people discover personal peace.

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