Scholarships Aid Children in Poverty: New Prem Rawat Foundation Initiative in Ghana

Scholarship recipients from Otinibi Basic and Aisha Bintu Khalifa Basic elementary schools enjoy a group photo

The Prem Rawat Foundation is providing Ghanaian children an opportunity to escape their dire economic circumstances. The new scholarships aid children in poverty and provide them with hope for the future.

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has expanded the Food for People program to include a new scholarship initiative to help children emerge from poverty in Otinibi, Ghana. Launched at the beginning of the new school year on October 1, 2023, the initiative supports 30 qualifying elementary students at Otinibi Basic School and Aisha Bintu Khalifa Basic School. This support complements the nutritious daily meals that the Food for People (FFP) kitchen has been providing for all students at the schools since 2012. In this way, TPRF is able to give the littlest members of the community further opportunities to thrive and continue their education.


Enabling Education

The scholarships provide all of the necessary support a student needs to attend school including uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies and school fees. The scholarships were awarded to those most in need. To ensure this, local school administrators and the local Municipal Officer for Welfare reviewed parents’ applications. Many of the 30 scholarship recipients come from single-parent families. The fee to attend elementary school is just too high for these families to afford. Unsurprisingly, children from these families would not have been able to enroll in school this year without financial assistance.

What’s more, the scholarships provide added possibilities. Having children in school provides the opportunity for parents to work or begin a small business and elevate their economic circumstances. The benefits of scholarships ripple out into the whole community, inspiring hope along the way.


The Prem Rawat Foundation's scholarship recipients study hard in their elementary school classroom in Otinibi, Ghana

Exercising Their Right to Write – TPRF Scholarship Recipients

The scholarships have been divided between Otinibi and Aisha Bintu schools with 15 recipients in each school, ages 4-11 years old. Further, there is an equal allocation between males and females. As long as the children keep their attendance and grades up, the scholarships will be renewed if needed, each year. Importantly, these scholarships could continue until the students enter junior high at age 14. In Ghana, there is more government assistance available at the junior high level. The children just need to make it there!


The response from students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. The recipients of the scholarships (and their parents) are now aspiring to a more productive future. The gratitude expressed extends to all of the generous TPRF donors – your contributions make the scholarships possible! These scholarships aid children in poverty by providing the chance to create a future they had only dreamed about. Here is just one example of appreciation from a parent:

“I am truly thankful for the scholarship given to my son. With the help of your generous contribution, my son will be able to pursue his education. Without your kind contribution it would not have been possible to make his dreams a reality. I once again thank you for your support towards my son. I will always be grateful to you.”
– Parent of Otinibi scholarship awardee

Backstory: Food for People – A Program Fuelling Hope

The Food for People (FFP) facility in Otinibi serves Otinibi Basic School and Aisha Bintu Khalifa Basic School. Conveniently, both schools are within walking distance of the facility and on land donated by Chief Nii Adjei Kweidzamansah III. The meal service has caused such an increase in attendance that schools have added classrooms to accommodate skyrocketing enrollment.

Indeed, many noted that the effect of filling and nutritious meals was fundamental to the remarkable scholastic progress of students. Following this success and increased enrollments, the schools involved in the FFP program reached out for further support.

Watch this fun and informative video to learn about the Food for People Program’s impact in Otinibi. Try to not smile!

Food for People – A Foundation for the Future

The FFP program is aimed not only at alleviating hunger but also at elevating a community’s standard of living through supportive educational programs. Consequently, the scholarships for 30 students were awarded. This aid for children in poverty was a logical step in elevating the community’s economic potential.

These exciting opportunities for students are highly coveted in the community. Both the meals and the scholarships provide incentives to imagine and create a future beyond poverty.

FFP also provides daily nutritious meals, clean water and educational opportunities to disadvantaged children in Nepal and India with similar results – better health, scholastic achievement and economic outlook. Over 5.6 million nutritious meals have been served.

Thank you for your support of this program!

Learn more about The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Food for People Program here.



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