Reaching Out Appeal Raises Record $212,339

More than 1,400 contributors showed record support for The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) during the December Reaching Out appeal, exceeding the goal of $150,000 and raising $212,339 for initiatives that will help people across the globe live with dignity during these trying times and beyond. It is the highest amount that TPRF donors have ever raised during an end-of-year fundraising appeal.

“Our work has never been more relevant or more urgent and your support will help us meet the moment,” says Daya Rawat, TPRF Board President. “In comparison to many foundations, we are small, but our outreach is global, and the enthusiasm of our supporters unequaled. Each dollar has a multiplied effectiveness. Thank you!”

During the appeal, TPRF released four new videos that show how the support is making a dynamic impact by helping address fundamental human needs.

Watch the Reaching Out appeal videos:

*Please turn on subtitles (cc) in the YouTube screen for available translations. On iPad, go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Subtitles & Captioning.

Join Prem Rawat and Italian officials at this extraordinary symposium on how the Peace Education Program can help everyone from inmates to high school students live more fulfilling lives. Your support helped make it happen, and will help answer the Minister of Justice’s call to expand the program throughout Italy.

Your support for TPRF is providing sustainable nourishment to disadvantaged people in Ecuador during the pandemic and beyond.

Your support for the Peace Education Program opens hearts and activates hope in Colombian youth as they try to build a better future after decades of civil war.

Join Laure Foglietti on a fun and informative visit to Otinibi, Ghana and see how your support for the Food for People program grows hope and health throughout this appreciative community.



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