PEP Reporting System (PRS) Staff Training

This page summarizes training material available to TPRF Staff for the new PEP Reporting System (PRS).


Training Videos

System Overview

The primary training video for PRS Users and PEP Staff is a 12-minute overview of PRS. It’s important for every staff person to understand the basic concepts of the system and the way systems Users report their PEP activity. Staff does not need to be expert in using the system. There is a support team for Users in ZenDesk at [email protected]. However, all PEP staff should clearly understand the core concepts of License – Facility – Course, and understand the the nature and value of the core User functions: Facility Management, Course Reporting, and Contact Management. If you prefer to learn by reading, you may prefer the PRS User Guide. You may also download the PowerPoint file PEP Reporting System Overview including detailed notes. This one-page summary is a handy reminder of the key points.


The Dashboard is the primary Staff access to the system. If you have not received a User ID and Password to access the Dashboard, please request one from Tony Cardo. To login to the Dashboard, always start here: If you are also a User of the system for Course Reporting and Facility Management, that login is a different address, and your login credentials are different. Your Staff ID and Password only work for the Dashboard. Don’t mix up these two sides of the system: User and Staff.

The Dashboard is very intuitive. If you understand the basic concepts mentioned above, you can probably use it with no training. However, the 5-minute video Dashboard 101 will get you started more quickly. In addition to its basic functions, the Dashboard includes very powerful tools to customize its reports. Using these tools is optional for most of the staff, but the advanced training videos of Dashboard 201 and 202 are being provided to all PEP Staff members. You may find them interesting. The Dashboard also includes several reports described in Dashboard 203, and a Contacts report described in Dashboard 204.

Dashboard 101 –  5:38 – Introduction and Overview – list & search Licenses, Facilities, Courses
Dashboard 201 –  6:48 – See License details, Facilities list update, custom columns, filters in lists
Dashboard 202 – 10:06 – advanced reporting tools: control breaks, group-by, charts, pivot tables
Dashboard 203 –  5:31 – Reports: activity reports and results reports part 1
Dashboard 204 –  3:05 – Contacts list, Notes option in Course list
Dashboard 205 –  8:13 – Course results reports part 2 – Ranking options


Other Material

PRS Reporting FAQs are highly recommended for Staff. They are based on real User questions. They will help any Staff member answer User questions that may arise in their communication.

Organizational Considerations is recommended to help you to discuss the organizational issues that may arise in the transition from the Legacy system of “PEP Registration” to PRS. These considerations can be very sensitive. Don’t hesitate to consult with p[email protected] if you are unsure how to advise a User in this area.

PRS User Start Page link is provided to each new Licensee with his or her login credentials. Please be familiar with the contents of this page. It is the essential starting point for PRS Users, especially new ones.

The subject of Attendance Records is very important for Course Reporting in PRS. The following section of this page is reproduced from the PRS User Start Page. Most PEP Staff do not need to understand it in detail, but please scan and and be aware of its presence to help Users if questions come up in this area.


About Attendance Records

How you keep attendance in your PEP Courses is up to you, as long as your method gives you the attendance information needed for the End Course reports. This is a suggested method that you may want to adopt. If not, it may give you some ideas for your own system.

1  To review the suggested attendance method, first download this attendance sheet. Edit this Word document to fit your needs.

Pass the sheet around at the beginning of each session, with these Instructions for attendees:

First Session
Write your first name and last initial on a line, answer Y/N, and put a check in column 1.
Other Sessions
If your name is on the list, put a check in column <x>. If not, add your name, answer Y/N, and put a check in column <x>

3  Instructions for the Course Facilitators:

Keep and protect the sheet(s) to use from session to session. At the end of the course, review the sheet, enter the total number of check marks in each line in the Tot column, and circle each Y answer for anyone who attended at least 4 sessions.
New Attendees = number of Y answers on the sheet
New Participants = number of circled Y answers on the sheet
Total Attendance = total number Tot column
Total Sessions = number of columns on the sheet

4  In your count of New Participants, you may use your discretion to count a person who attended less than 4 sessions. Typically, this would mean that you know the person is keenly interested and very likely to attend a future Course. Such a person might be one who joined the Course late, or someone whose absence at more than 6 sessions was due to factors beyond his or her control.

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