Peace Education Program – An Introduction

Peace Education Program

The Peace Education Program (PEP) consists of several 10-session courses that explore the meaning and importance of peace as a basic human need. PEP is designed for all people; it has no religious or sectarian perspective. The program fosters the development of personal resources that make peace possible for an individual. Each session of a course focuses on one of these resources. The ten themes are: Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength, Self Awareness, Clarity, Understanding, Dignity, Choice, Hope, and Contentment.

The core material for each theme is a selection of video excerpts from Prem Rawat’s talks. Each session is a facilitated, workbook-based seminar with video viewing, reflection time, and participant expression. The strong positive personal impact of PEP on its participants has been observed in many different settings: correctional, educational, and many others.

Versions of PEP

Three 10-session versions of PEP are available. You can choose which ones to offer, and they can be offered in any order. Here are the unique attributes of each version:

PEP 1: Each DVD / session is 1 hour in length. It includes short and longer videos and five animated shorts. There are two Reflection times included in each session, which can be used at the facilitator’s discretion.

PEP 2: Each session is approximately 35 minutes in length, and there are two sessions on each DVD. PEP 2 is suitable for audiences of all ages, including young people. This program is ideal for people who have difficulty concentrating for longer periods of time, such as the ill, elderly, and those in a rehabilitation center. There are two designated reflection times per session. PEP 2 also includes some media interviews with Prem Rawat.

PEP 3: Designed to provide the maximum flexibility for PEP classes, PEP 3 consists of 10 DVDs with one theme per DVD. PEP 3 contains the same 10 themes as PEP 1 and PEP 2. The handouts have been reduced to one page per class, and the Facilitator Handbook has been merged with the Facilitator Manual.

PEP 3 allows for PEP classes to be flexible in length, as the situation requires. If, based on the audience and scheduling constraints, a shorter session is required, you could play half of the DVD one week and half the next week, or just choose half for a 10-week program. Additional videos are included for classes that are one hour or longer. There is also an optional second reflection time listed in the Workbook and Manual.

In addition to reviewing the information available on this website, please contact the PEP Help Desk for any questions about the program: [email protected]

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