Direct Licenses

You have reached this page because you have expressed interest in applying for a PEP Direct License. A Direct License is for any organization that wants to provide PEP to its constituents. For example, in the case of a correctional institution, constituents might be inmates or officers. For an elder care facility, constituents might be residents or staff. For an educational organization, constituents might be students or faculty. Any type of organization may apply for a Direct License, which creates a direct relationship between TPRF and the organization having PEP Courses. The other type of license is a Volunteer License, in which the License holder is a volunteer person or group providing PEP to other organizations. If you are interested in a Volunteer License, click here.

You can download and review the License Agreement here. The agreement is also incorporated in the application form with a “click to accept” protocol.


Apply for a Direct License

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