How to Start a DEMO PEP

PEP courses are offered by individuals or organizations licensed by TPRF. TPRF provides facilitators with instructions on how to conduct the workshops, and the Help Desk is available to provide further guidance as needed. The role of the facilitator is designed to be simple, with no specific expertise required. Class size is only limited by the size of the facility where it’s offered. The workshops are appropriate for small groups of a few people to ones with hundreds.

Licenses to offer PEP are available from TPRF without cost, although a donation of at least $110 is encouraged and appreciated.

There are two types of licenses:

Direct Licenses ​authorize the licensed organization to conduct PEP Courses for its constituents. Licensed organizations may offer any number of PEP courses in any number of Facilities that they operate. For exsample, Faciities could include prisons, schools, businesses, treatment centers, and civic organizations that offer the program to constituent groups such as inmates, students, employees, and patients.

Volunteer Licenses authorize a person or organization to conduct PEP Courses for the constituents of other organizations using the Facilities of those organizations, or for the general public using Facilities open to the public. Agreements between Volunteer licensees and organizations providing Facilities are up to them as long as Volunteer licensees do not charge Users for PEP. For example, this tpe of license would be the best options if you or your group have arranged to offer PEP at a prison or other organization but do not work at that organization outside of your role as a PEP volunteer.

When you are ready to apply for a DEMO License, please click one of the buttons below. Before you apply, you are encouraged to explore all of the information about PEP that is available via the links listed on this page, including samples of the program, video clips, endorsement letters, and the answers to FAQs.. You can also open a conversation with the PEP Help Desk to discuss any further questions or concerns.

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