Prem Rawat to Present Peace Education Program

“Inner strength is the strength of your clarity, of your understanding, of your feeling of joy, of you!”

— Prem Rawat

After posting daily “Lockdown” messages for nearly six weeks to address these trying times, TPRF Founder Prem Rawat outlined upcoming plans in his new “Day 41” video to start virtually presenting the Peace Education Program.

Watch his “Day 41” message here, or catch up on all of his uplifting “Lockdown” videos here. The latest episodes are highlighting how the Peace Education Program is helping diverse groups of people discover personal peace and live more fulfilling lives.

Prem’s presentation of the Peace Education Program will be open to anyone around the world who would like the opportunity to focus and reflect on their own humanity and their inner resources such as choice, hope, and dignity.

Learn more about the Peace Education Program here, and stay tuned for more details on how you’ll be able to participate in Prem’s presentation of the program.



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