Prem Rawat Launches Peace Education Program at Community Center in London

On June 9 Prem Rawat met with bereaved families, community activists, artists and at-risk youth in London to help address problems with knife crime and other violence, offering his signature Peace Education Program as part of the solution.

The Peace Education Program is an innovative workshop series that helps participants discover their own inherent ability to live with self-awareness, dignity and contentment. From gang members and incarcerated people to university students and community leaders, the program has been proven to help a wide variety of people heal from traumas and embark on new paths with hope and inner strength.

Offered free of charge by Prem Rawat’s charitable foundation, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), over 445,000 people have participated in the program across 80 countries.

On June 9 Prem Rawat shared insights on how to heal and break the cycle of violence with the group gathered at the newly opened Dwaynamics Community Centre at the heart of Loughborough Park, Brixton, London. The Community Centre is a local hub for residents that offers after-school clubs, food and housing help for the homeless, a community kitchen, and workshops for all ages on a wide variety of subjects.

“It’s your world. And you must decide what you want in your world. Because when you look at your heart, you know what your heart wants. Your heart wants peace; your heart wants joy; your heart wants fulfillment. You want to feel like a human being. Not a victim,” said Prem Rawat. “It means that when everything is down, when you feel defeated—that there is a power in you that is greater than anything you may have imagined.”

People gathered at Dwaynamics to listen to Prem Rawat

Hosting Prem Rawat at the event was Dwaynamics CEO and founder, Pastor Lorraine Jones-Burrell, who tragically lost her son, Dwayne Simpson, to knife crime in Brixton. Following this tragic event she has won accolades for her community work to try to help ensure that other families and communities do not have to suffer the loss that she did. At the event she presented the Make it Stop campaign that she recently co-founded to reduce street violence in London through a holistic community effort.

“We need to come together with one voice, one energy, one strength, and that is my mission! I know it’s possible because peace is possible,” said Lorraine Jones-Burrell. “As parents we could never be desensitized to this senseless killing, never! And this society should not be desensitized to senseless killing. We’re going to make it stop. If we come together, our voices are louder! Our energy is stronger! The peace is louder! And it will penetrate and bring peace on our streets.”

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In a June 10 interview about solutions to knife violence in London, Pastor Lorraine Jones-Burrell discusses the event she hosted with Prem Rawat the day before at the Dwaynamics community center.

Prem Rawat’s work with Lorraine Jones-Burrell dates back to 2018 when they shared the stage at Lambeth Community College at a forum to address gang violence. You can watch a video from that forum here.

In 2018 Prem Rawat also worked with acclaimed UK street artist Ben Eine to make a powerful statement that “Peace is Possible” in London with a mural along a highly visited section of Ebor Street.

The Peace Education Program workshops will start to be offered at Dwaynamics later this month.

The June 9 launch event and upcoming workshops are also being supported by Celebrate Life CIC, a UK organization that brings people together through film, workshops and music events to engage, connect and make better choices in life.

Reflections on the June 9 Event from Attendees

Atta Badu Junior, UN Peace Ambassador

“This event was very, very good. When Prem talked about, ‘fix it before it’s broken,’ that really challenged me. He talked about our hearts. We need to be peaceful. Peace means everything to me.”

Amma, recently bereaved mother

“Pastor Lorraine is a light to my family. I don’t know where I would be today without her supporting us. In life, nobody expects such a bad thing to happen, so when it happens to you, you don’t know where to go or who to talk to. She invited me today to come and see the man who spoke. And I’m so glad she did. There’s something he said, that ‘peace is within you.’ I’ve never heard that before. The peace that I’m looking for, the comfort, the healing, has to start from me first. So I’m very happy, thank you.”

Ania Pawlik, animator, artist

“This event was empowering in an easy and uplifting way. I’m very happy and honored that I’m one of the many people who has seen Prem. I’m going to pass this on to some of my friends. Spread the seeds.”

Titii Orinoko, musician

“The event was beautiful. It was very moving, it was very heartfelt. The take-away message is to fix things before, not after. That was super-deep. Let’s carry on the work and speak to whoever is ready to listen.”

Mudibu, Burundian artist

“To finally be in the same room as Prem is very special. My soul has been fed today. Mrs Lorraine is a powerhouse. She was already a powerhouse by herself, and then to have another powerhouse come as a candle, light her up – I thought my light was on, but it got more flame on today. I want to bring Prem’s peace organization to my country [Burundi]. Our people are so broken, we need action-based efforts.”

Monique, mother

“For me it was important to come, to hear the message and support Lorraine. The take-away message was what Mr Prem said, because it brought me peace. He said that to find peace, you have to look within yourself, and that’s very important. I don’t want to go too deep into it, but I’m facing a lot of problems and we need to see this knife-crime stop.”

Kheron Gilpin, Ubuntu Round Table Project

“Today’s event was an incredible reminder that peace is possible. The whole idea of peace education resonates with me greatly. Today one of the key take-aways is that peace is within and everything you need is within you and all you have to do is access that. That’s what was really affirmed today at the event. We’re all candles and by engaging with others we can rekindle that flame. What a reminder to have! That’s such a beautiful encouragement, to see someone who lives it. And I think everyone left feeling inspired. Be in awe of the ripple effect, you can impact someone peacefully and gracefully and they can carry that wave far beyond your imagination.”

Mary Chinyere, Director of local nearby Community Center in Angell Town

“Today’s event was great encouragement to continue to help as much as I can. There was an example of that today, as I was coming. Two boys were fighting and their friends were watching, not helping. As a parent I had to help, I separated them, and they were happy that I did. We did the Peace Education Program in Angell Town in my center and it was really a very good message for all of us. And we still live with it since then, and we remember it and it helps us to make peace, within ourselves and then try to pass it on to others, within themselves too.”

Charlie Gracie, Peace Education Program participant

“It’s not so much a thing that’s said, it’s the mood in the room, the feeling – hope! Yeah, it’s like everybody has hope after today, a sense of progress. It’s not like we heard something interesting that we’ll forget ten minutes later. Everybody was on the same feeling, that there was something good that could come from this.”



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