A Master Class of the Peace Education Program
with Prem Rawat

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A Video Replay of the March 22 Livestream from Cusco, Peru

Prem Rawat Live in Cusco, Peru

On March 22, Prem Rawat spoke with students, teachers, police officers and local leaders who have participated in the Peace Education Program throughout the Cusco region of Peru.

More than 78,000 people have participated in the Peace Education Program at over 370 schools in Cusco, giving the area the distinction of having more program activity than anywhere else in the world. The innovative workshops are based around Prem Rawat’s video presentations, and March 22 marked the first time he has met in-person with local participants. The celebratory event gave Prem Rawat an opportunity to follow up on the program themes and offer further insights on peace. Several local speakers, including the Regional Director of Education, shared how the program is helping transform lives and benefiting the community.

All are welcome to watch and share the video of this celebratory event!

The video is now available in Spanish and English. Translation in more languages will be available soon, including Quechua, Portuguese, French and others.

Contact a support representative at [email protected] to learn more about how you can participate in the Peace Education Program and use the powerful workshops to help people discover personal peace.

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