Power to Change

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The film is in English and subtitles are available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Danish, Norwegian, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, Bosnian, Chinese and Tamil.

In a time when youth violence is on the rise, and with the poverty gap only increasing, Power to Change is a unique film that looks at the simplest solution: helping human beings discover their innate goodness. The acclaimed documentary highlights how the Peace Education Program is a powerful tool for this process of discovery.

Dr Mitesh Desai (pictured on the far right) offers his perspective on Mental Health Day 2020

Produced independently by Celebrate Life CIC, Power to Change tells the stories of five people in London: EJ a young man drawn into gang culture from an early age; Lorraine a grieving mother who lost her son to knife-crime as he saved another boy; Gerald, founder of Impact Brixton, who learned to navigate one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods after emigrating from Ghana as a child; Errol a repeat offender with 74 previous convictions; and Nate a former gang-member who was brutally stabbed by a childhood friend. The stories are woven together by Kaysen, a teacher, who passionately believes in supporting young people.

Their journeys intertwine as Prem Rawat and the Peace Education Program help them learn how to move beyond the past with inner strength and wisdom.

Power to Change was produced independently by Celebrate Life CIC, a UK organization that brings people together through film, workshops and music events to engage, connect and make better choices in life. Thank you to the Celebrate Life team for making this film!

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If the Peace Education Program can help facilitate peace in the most dangerous neighborhoods in London, it can help anywhere. Watch more documentary videos to see other examples of how.

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Witness the amazing turnaround of a Bloods gang in Ecuador who, inspired by Prem Rawat over 8 years ago, began a journey of shifting their efforts from violence to peace. Now they are facilitating the Peace Education Program for more gang members in surrounding communities, magnifying their positive example.

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Cusco, Peru has a long history of violence, and too often aggressiveness in the streets and classrooms was a daily reality. That is starting to change now that the Peace Education Program has inspired students, teachers, and police to come together to cultivate new hope, respect, and understanding. 

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Billa Nanra shares his story of incarceration and how the Peace Education Program empowered him to kick a 22-year heroin addiction and get his life back on track. Now free from crime and substance use, Billa has become a volunteer facilitator of the Peace Education Program for at-risk youth and other groups.

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Colombia was embroiled in the chaos of civil war for more than 5 decades, with some 450,000 lives lost and millions more traumatized. This documentary highlights how the Peace Education Program is helping people recover.