Peace for People 2014

Internaional Day of Peace 2014

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As a contribution to the International Day of Peace the TPRF is offering the video Citizens of Earth, featuring the words of its founder, Prem Rawat: “The time has come for every citizen of the planet Earth to take the responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.” This new video for the Day of Peace 2014 was launched on this page on September 12, starting a ten days countdown to get to the Day of Peace. Last year’s videos for the Day of Peace 2013 are now available at the following links:


Peace is a Feeling
Where is Peace?
Peace and War
Peace and War video
Peace Begins With You
Peace Begins With You

For further information about the work of TPRF and its founder, Prem Rawat, for the cause of peace, please refer to the following:

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Peace Education Program

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