Peace Partners Wins Movement for Good Award & Holds Webinar with Prem Rawat Foundation

A UK charity, Peace Partners, won a Movement for Good award of £1,000 (USD $1,200) that will be used to complement and support initiatives of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). The award will help grow the TPRF Peace Education Program in the UK, as well as other humanitarian efforts. 

“Congratulations to Peace Partners!” says Marci Klein, TPRF Development Director. “And thanks to Peace Partners for supporting TPRF initiatives like the Peace Education and Food for People programs. We are excited to continue our collaborations to improve lives in the UK and beyond.”

Peace Partners has long supported TPRF and the shared goal of addressing fundamental human needs such as food, water, and peace. This year Peace Partners has already donated over $4,200 toward TPRF’s humanitarian initiatives to help people cope with COVID-19 and Cyclone Harold.

Sponsored by a specialist insurer charity, Ecclesiastical, 253,879 UK citizens nominated 13,695 charities for the Movement for Good awards. Peace Partners was one of 500 deemed worthy to win a £1,000 gift.

“I personally would like to thank all those people who took the time to nominate Peace Partners. We will use these funds to keep on doing what we do,” says Peace Partners Director Juli Hammersley.

The new award follows last year’s grant of £10,000 ($11,220 USD) to Peace Partners by the National Lottery Community Fund to grow the Peace Education Program in the UK. The Peace Education Program benefits participants by helping them discover their own inner resources, recognize their innate value, and understand the possibility of personal peace. 

The multimedia workshops feature video excerpts of TPRF Founder Prem Rawat’s talks, and explore themes such as dignity, choice, and hope. With the help of Peace Partners and other supporters, the Peace Education Program has been offered at correctional institutions and community centers throughout the UK, including recovery facilities for homeless veterans, Sutton College, Matthews Yard Community Centre and the Angell Town Community Centre.

Peace Partners is hosting a live webinar on Sunday, June 28 from 5:00-6:30 p.m. BST to provide more information about what the group does and how people in the UK can get involved. Marci Klein will be a guest speaker and talk about collaborations with TPRF.

Learn more and register for the event here.

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