Peace Partners Covers TPRF’s 20th Anniversary with Interview

Peace Partners, a supportive charity in the UK, recently reached out to The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) Development Director Marci Klein and Communications Director Jake Frankel to talk about why they enjoy working for TPRF, and what TPRF has accomplished since its founding 20 years ago. They also cover TPRF’s upcoming conference on November 14 to celebrate 20 years of positive impact and the supporters and volunteers who make it all possible. Learn more about the conference here.

Watch the video interview with Peace Partners volunteer Wendy Martin here:

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During the interview, Marci expresses her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Peace Partners and its volunteers and donors for their ongoing support and collaboration over the last six years. She said “I cannot overstate what a partner like you means to TPRF’s success. We really appreciate what you’ve done.”

Jake describes some of the achievements of the Foundation over the last twenty years, thanks to the support of all its donors and volunteers. He mentions some remarkable facts, for example, that TPRF has had initiatives and volunteers in over 70 countries; more than 175,000 people have participated in the Peace Education Program; over 4.1 million nutritious meals have been served in the three Food For People facilities; and more than 160 grants totaling over $5 million have been awarded to communities in over 40 countries to help them recover from natural disasters.

Read the complete Peace Partners article here.



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