Peace Education Program Study Finds ‘Very Positive’ Effect With Inmates

The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Peace Education Program results in a range of attitudinal and behavioral improvements, according to a new study of incarcerated participants in seven countries. Watch the video and read below to learn more, and read the full study here.

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A comprehensive new study assessed the impact of the Peace Education Program on 604 incarcerated participants across four continents, finding remarkable results. 

Conducted by Donald Sheppard from the ACE Insights research company, the study concluded that the program is “having a very positive effect on participants,” resulting in attitudinal improvements such as empowerment and a willingness to change, plus behavioral improvements such as better anger management and reduced fighting. 

This infographic shows that 89% of participants benefited from the Peace Education ProgramThe Peace Education Program is an innovative workshop series that has helped inmates discover their own inner resources so they can improve their self-esteem and make better choices. The program has been offered in hundreds of correctional institutions across the world, winning praise from officials for improving behavior and reducing recidivism.

The ACE Insights study evaluated the impact of the program in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Portugal, Finland, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago. Positive improvements were found in 89 percent of participants, who reported that the program helped them feel peace, hope, appreciation, and new perspective.

“We found that these results were very similar for all demographic groups, across different countries, for males and females and different age groups, suggesting it has universal appeal,” says Sheppard. “In many cases, their experience was very powerful and indeed life-changing, and nine out of 10 said it made a difference to them.”

This study infographic shows some of the benefits of the Peace Education ProgramThe study found that the Peace Education Program helped participants feel empowered to face past events, gain a willingness to change, better manage their anger and avoid fighting.

“No matter how much wrong I may have done in the past, the program made me aware that there is still time for reform,” said a participant at Golden Grove Prison in Trinidad and Tobago. 

A participant at Metro West Detention Center in the U.S. commented, “I see a lot of hate in this world, and I apply the program teachings to bring peace to myself and others.”

The Peace Education Program workshops feature video presentations by renowned author Prem Rawat and can be offered to the incarcerated in person, virtually, or on inmate tablets by GTL and Edovo. The course is neither religious nor political, and The Prem Rawat Foundation makes the workshop materials available free of charge.

A study infographic with inspiring quotes from participantsIn addition to correctional facilities, the program has proven effective in a variety of other settings such as schools, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation facilities and many more.

Read all of the latest research and studies about the Peace Education Program here.

The Peace Education Program is just one of the ways that The Prem Rawat Foundation advances dignity, peace and prosperity by addressing fundamental human needs.

Learn more about all of The Prem Rawat Foundation’s initiatives here.



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