Peace Education Program (PEP) Undergoes Rapid Expansion (Part II)

Sherry Weinstein has been TPRF’s Manager of the Peace Education Program for the past two years. In last week’s post, we explored the dynamic expansion of the PEP program in 2012. In part two of this update, Sherry provides a detailed look at new programs developing around the world plus TPRF’s priorities for continued growth in 2013.


Currently, there are 9 new areas where PEP workshops are being offered in addition to the original prison programs around the world: colleges/adult education, community-based programs, hospice staff programs, nursing homes, retirement communities, parolees, and youth programs. PEP programs for veterans and for end-of-life patients are also in development.

New PEP workshops are starting in 12 countries in the first quarter of 2013: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Trinidad, and the United States.

The following 2013 new programs have started or been expanded:

• Near Seattle, the Evergreen Hospice workshop averages 15 staff members each week.

• In Sun City, AZ, a retirement community program averages 30 to 40 people each week.

• Denmark’s largest adult education provider (AOF) has welcomed the PEP as a pilot program.

• Yunlin Prison in Taiwan averages 68 attendees per week.

• In South America there are 14 programs offered: Argentina (4), Bolivia (1), Brazil (3), Colombia (1), Peru (4), and Uruguay (1).

• Spain now has 13 prison programs, and volunteer teams are forming to introduce PEP in nursing homes and universities.

There are also opportunities for PEP to be presented at various conventions worldwide.


Besides expanding PEP to other institutions or community-based services, translation is a big priority for 2013. Currently, translation is almost complete in seven languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese for Portugal and Brazil, Serbian, and Swedish. Eight more languages are well on their way to completion, including Spanish for Europe and South America.

I can see the PEP in programs around the world, from colleges to retirement communities,” Sherry says. “This program can enrich a person’s life, no matter where they are. These innate resources are already within each person and can help bring even more appreciation for life.”

To find out more about PEP, go to the PEP homepage.

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Oxnard California Parolee Program




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