Peace Education in South Africa: Dr. Patrick Mpoyi

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Dr. Patrick Mpoyi moved to Soweto, South Africa to practice medicine in 2013, fleeing his home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo due to a civil war.

He was welcomed in Soweto, a historically black township where many people still suffer from the ongoing symptoms of segregation: drug abuse, HIV/Aids, cancer, depression, and other disorders inflamed by poverty are common.

He first heard about the Peace Education Program (PEP) from his friend Ernest Leketi, whose team has been offering PEP workshops throughout Soweto as part of their work with the Johannesburg Youth Development Department.

Back in the Congo, Dr. Patrick was the victim of thievery, and he witnessed countless acts of violence. He says the PEP workshops helped him cultivate a sense of forgiveness and compassion that helped him move on and embrace his new life in South Africa. And he saw great potential for peace education to help his patients.

He has been prescribing the PEP workshops to his patients ever since and reports great results. He says the program has helped them with everything from drug addiction and depression to hypertension.

Learn more about Dr. Patrick and how PEP is helping his patients in the new video above. This video will be available with Closed Captioning in other languages soon.

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