Peace Day Events Update

This link Peace Day and The Message of Prem Rawat shows where independent initiatives, events and activities will be happening throughout the world on the International Day of Peace – September 21st or the weekend following. All of these events are inspired by a dedication to peace and are initiated, sponsored, and supported locally.

If you wish to have your event added to this map, email: [email protected], even if it’s after this date. We would still like to give everyone who celebrated Prem Rawat’s unique message of peace their own “bubble” to highlight their efforts. The map will be up and running for a while after September 21st.

After our August blog post there were only a couple of drops of interest.  But slowly, the interest swelled to a global river of event submissions and inquiries from people looking to find activities in their own cities to attend.

Some undertakings are specific events like the Peace Education Program presentation’s at City Hall in Lansing, MI and another in Berlin. In other cases, coalition activities at Peace Day festivals and concerts will see materials about The Prem Rawat Foundation’s signature programs shared from Mauritius to Berlin, in Nepal and India, and in the French Andes at a village called Montégut-Arros.

In addition to face-to-face events, two of the activities listed on the map are broadcasts. One will originate in Ireland and go out via radio to at least twenty-two stations across the country.  Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

Christine Lynn, one of the organizers, told us, “We put together a one hour radio program to promote and support International Peace Day. We will include poems, songs, news of events supporting Peace Day in Ireland and world-wide, sayings and stories, all related to International Peace Day.”

In Florida, an ambitious idea that sprouted months ago resulted in the Necessity of Peace Global Webcast to honor the International Day of Peace. The Florida Peace Initiative website is where to go for details about this two day event. David Weinberg, part of this team, sent us their mission statement, which reads in part:

“The intent of the webcast is to showcase peace as a fundamental need shared by people around the world, and to highlight the resources we have within ourselves to make peace possible.”

There is even a youtube channel which states, “The Necessity of Peace Conference invites individuals from every walk of life and field of endeavor to propose dynamic, enthusiastic presentations about The Necessity of Peace.”

This interactive map seems somehow symbolic; once again reminding us all what a tiny “island” each of us sits on as we spin along through space together, sharing the potential to make the voice of peace the loudest one of all.

Happy Peace Day!





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