Ninja Arcade Blast Raises Funds for TPRF

Trey Hargrave is a wholehearted supporter of humanitarian causes and has come up with a novel way to inform and engage his friends and neighbors about worthwhile projects. In April of this year he held an event for his favorite foundation, TPRF, at his home in the characterful east side of Austin, Texas.

Trey is a media and film enthusiast and used his talents to set up “The Hargrave Arcade.” He explains the concept: “I’ve installed a kind of 80s-90s games arcade at my house, with over twenty televisions and game consoles, plus the biggest movie screen I’ve ever seen in someone’s backyard!”backyard movie screen

With a take on the popular theme of “Ninja,” three classic 1980s Ninja movies were screened, and people enjoyed two of the most popular Ninja games from that era.

Volunteers even dressed up in Ninja costumes. Guests wandered between videos and games or watched the loop stream of TPRF videos and picked up one of the brochures about the Foundation’s work. An array of refreshments laid out in the backyard provided the finishing touch.

Says Trey, “Giving people games and fun things to do is a great way to reach out to different people, and many heard Prem Rawat’s message of peace for the first time.” Through generous efforts of sponsors and volunteers, the Hargrave Arcade fundraiser raised $1062 for TPRF’s work.

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Guidestar and Charity Navigator give TPRF their highest rankings for transparency, financial accountability and leadership.

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