Montpellier Golf Tournament Escapes Drenching Rains

The third Montpellier golf tournament took place on October 5, a joint venture of TPRF volunteers in partnership with Enfance et Partage. Since the last event in 2013, many public and local organizations have become much more aware of both TPRF’s mission and the tournament itself. They were happy to donate excellent raffle prizes and promote the event. This year’s tournament was sponsored by Hervé Frayssineau, a ranked player in both the European amateur and professional circuits.

All was going according to plan until heavy rain arrived, saturating the golf course a few days before the tournament. The volunteer organizers were anxious that they might have to cancel. Luckily, the weather changed dramatically for the better on the day of the tournament. The hotel golf director made a huge effort to dry the drenched course, and the tournament finally went ahead.

120 people attended the golfing event, including 79 golfers. The prize ceremony took place in the late afternoon along with the screening of a video from TPRF’s Food for People program in Otibini, Ghana. Guest speaker and keen golf enthusiast Charan Anand introduced the work of TPRF, and the president of Enfance et Partage gave an address to a happily relaxed and receptive audience.

untitled (52 of 68)Many guests attended the evening cocktail party and bought raffle tickets, including the hotel golf director, who was very happy to win the first prize of a week’s holiday in Normandy! A special draw for the golfers awarded a week in Marrakesh, Morocco, including flight, accommodation and golf course fees.

The evening ended with live jazzy music from Maria-Joy and Claudio, who traveled all the way from Germany especially to perform.

The volunteer organizers declared this year’s tournament to be an unforgettable day of challenge, excitement, and sharing.

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