Making Progress in Nepal (Part 2)

This week’s blog completes our report-in-pictures highlighting the positive developments at Food for People in Tasarpu, Nepal.

In June, Premsagar Foundation Nepal handed over a check for US$1,389.00 to the nearby school, Shri Adarsha Secondary School, to help pay for additional teachers.  At a school assembly commemorating the occasion, the Headmaster made these comments:

“Before the start of the FFP by the Foundation, our school was running only up to grade seven, and the enrollment and attendance were low. After FFP started serving meals daily, not only did the student attendance become more regular and the number of students increase, but also the parents, guardians, and students realized the importance of education. They requested us to upgrade the school to higher grades. In spite of the limited resources, we were excited to do so. Each year, one grade is being added. This year, we added tenth grade.”

“For these higher grades, we needed to arrange additional subject teachers for which the Foundation supported us. Earlier, our school received two computers from the Foundation.”

“In this way, the Foundation is helping us not only to increase the quantity of the regular students, but also to maintain the quality of the education. We are very grateful to the Foundation for all of this support.”

The Foundation’s farm supplied 425 kilograms of green vegetables in the last two months to supplement the FFP meal program. The vegetables included beans, cabbage, tomatoes, ladyfingers, onions, garlic, and potatoes.



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