Lumka Ngxoli on Peace Education & Prem Rawat

In a new interview published on Prem Rawat’s website, Media Spokeswoman Lumka Ngxoli shares perspective on what it’s like to work with him and how she personally benefited from the Peace Education Program.

Read the full interview here and listen to an episode of the Life’s Essential’s podcast that features Lumka and Prem in discussion here

An excerpt: I know that the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated so many lives in Cape Town. How are you holding up? What are you doing these days to feed your heart?

Lumka: It’s been a bit rough here especially back in the beginning in April. There’s been a rise with break-ins (lack of safety) and gender-based violence. I had a lot of fear that I needed to put under the carpet. I had to tap into my inner peace. I really had to make use of the lessons learned from the
Peace Education Program. I’ll be honest; I had my doubts about the Program. But when I started to re-visit the DVD’s on Hope and Appreciation, it helped me to exhale. I do have these resources internally and the Program Workbook helped remind me. I was able to breathe again and sit in the space without fear. This reminds me of your conversation with Prem in 2017 for Cape Town TV (CTTV). He totally surprised you by saying that he wanted to interview you first. And he did. At one point, Prem asked “Do you ever see yourself getting to a point in your life where you really are who you are?”
Lumka, do you feel that you have gotten to that point in your life?

Lumka: When I first met Prem, I was this young 24-year-old kid. I had crafted this perfect little world. And the more questions that I asked Prem, it left more cracks in my Pandora’s Box. It eventually exploded and I had to sit with me. If I’m fully honest with myself, yes, I’ve come full circle during this lockdown. I was willing to be open to it. I’ve begun to understand the 10 values of the Peace Education Program. And I’ve had enough courage to face all this shadowy fear.

Watch one of Lumka Ngxoli’s interviews with Prem Rawat for Cape Town TV here:

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