London Evening Standard Covers Peace is Possible Mural

The London Evening Standard (a daily newspaper with a circulation of almost 900,000) covered the new “Peace is Possible” mural with a story titled, “Obama street artist creates anti-knife crime Peace Wall mural in Shoreditch.”

An excerpt:

Ben Eine daubed the words “Peace is Possible” on private members club Shoreditch House after more than 30 people were knifed to death on London’s streets this year.


The brightly coloured mural was the brainchild of world renowned artist Mr Eine, who is currently showcasing his work in Moscow, and global peace ambassador Prem Rawat. …


The work, dubbed the Peace Wall, is part of Mr Rawat’s Peace Education Program, aimed at helping communities affected by violent crime.


The 60-year-old said: “We need to address the fundamental causes of violence to stop these terrible tragedies happening again. The voice of boredom for young people has become overwhelming. We need to re-engage them in society. The Peace Education Program has succeeded with some of the most violent prisoners and terrorists around the world. If the program can help them, I believe peace education can help the young people of London.”

Read the complete London Evening Standard article here.

Learn more about the Peace Education Program here.



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