Italian News Covers Prem Rawat & Peace Education Program

Prem Rawat’s recent meeting about the Peace Education Program with officials at the Italian Senate in Rome was covered extensively in the Italian news.

Here are a few excerpts from some of the resulting Italian news coverage of the Peace Education Program, with links to the full articles.

“Peace Education Program: A Means of Fostering Personal Rehabilitation in Correctional Facilities”

Full Italian Video of the Italian Senate Event by Radio Radicale

“Re-educating Inmates is in the Interest of our Entire Society”
Excerpt of the article by gNews:

The Peace Education Program has achieved international success with its rehabilitation programs in correctional facilities in several European countries, in South Africa, India, the United States, Asia and South America. According to Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede this rehabilitation project, based upon a series of classes which allow inmates to reflect on peace and the values of life, can nurture in inmates “a path towards rethinking their behavior, assuming responsibility and acquiring a new awareness as they prepare to re-enter society.” …

“Every nation should invest in the role a sentence can play in reeducation. It should be a truly out-and-out mission to establish a cultural investment of which the entire society can reap benefit, therefore contributing towards effectively preventing the danger of having repeat offenders,” said Minister Bonafede. The Minister participated in the conference which took place at the Palazzo Giustiniani today and was dedicated to the “Peace Education Program.” The Ambassador for Peace and advocate Prem Rawat also took part, as it is his foundation which thought up and realized this rehabilitation program.

“The ‘Messenger of Peace’ Prem Rawat: “Lockdown is a Chance to Understand Ourselves Better” 

Excerpt of the article by DiRE GIOVANI:

The Peace Education Program hopes to retrain people to see what is positive within ourselves. It all begins there: “when we are able to recognize the good that is in us, it is easier to see the same in others.” This is what the author Prem Rawat had to say when he was interviewed by our news agency recently after the ceremony to present is Peace Education Program (PEP) held at the Italian Senate, Palazzo Giustiniani, in Rome. Italy, as the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede announced, has adhered to Mr Rawat’s program regarding the re-education of inmates. 

The PEP is not only employed in correctional facilities, as Mr Rawat reminds us: “It has been so successful that it is being taught in schools, universities and nursing homes; it brings out the best in everyone.” …

The author says that the aim of this work is to help us “understand ourselves, without us being distracted by background noise”. But how is this possible in practice? “When you hear an external noise, the solution is easy. You only have to plug your ears. But when the noise is between your ears, what do you do? The solution is to recognize that noise, reduce it and get rid of it.”



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