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This documentary features interviews with people deeply affected by the 50 years of civil war in Colombia. See how the Peace Education Program is helping them recover and show your support.
For 15 years, The Prem Rawat Foundation has sponsored free annual clinics throughout India to bring modern eye care to hundreds of thousands of marginalized people. Your support ensures that these people get the care they need.
The Food for People program has provided millions of nutritious daily meals to disadvantaged children in Ghana, India, and Nepal, opening up unprecedented opportunities. None of the bright young students from the town of Otinibi, Ghana had ever had the chance to pursue a university education, until now.

Join Prem Rawat as he speaks to inmates participating in the Peace Education Program at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, California, the largest jail and mental health facility in the world. Your support allows people to participate in the program and attend events with Prem Rawat even when they are behind bars.


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