Humanitarian Aid for People Suffering from War in Ukraine

Updated May 3, 2022

Thanks to an outpouring of generosity from supporters across the globe, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) recently increased the amount of  food, water and other humanitarian aid it has been able to give those suffering from the war in Ukraine.

TPRF has now provided $400,000 in grants to World Central Kitchen and Cesvi — both are proven nonprofit partners who are in strong positions to help people in Ukraine and those seeking refuge in neighboring countries. TPRF gave them $250,000 in grants in March soon after the war broke out.

Thank you to the supporters who donated to make this aid possible.

“Prem Rawat and all of us at TPRF are deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. Friends of TPRF have offered exceptional support to provide critical aid for people suffering from this tragic war,” says Linda Pascotto, TPRF Board Chair.

The TPRF grants of $175,000 to World Central Kitchen (WCK)  are helping provide nutritious meals and water to thousands of people at border crossings, shelters, and in refugee camps across Ukraine and neighboring countries. To date, the TPRF grants have helped WCK serve over 16.4 million meals and be prepared to keep the effort going.

“World Central Kitchen is grateful for TPRF’s support and belief in our mission. They share our belief that a plate of food is more than just nourishment; it’s hope and a sign that someone cares,” said Jason Collis, WCK’s Vice President of Relief. “Their support will allow us to continue to provide fresh and comforting meals to Ukrainians fleeing their homes as well as those staying in the country.”

The Prem Rawat Foundation's humanitarian aid will help people in Ukraine and those seeking refuge in neighboring countries.

Photo courtesy of Cesvi

The TPRF grants of $225,000 to Cesvi  are also helping provide vital necessities to refugees including water, food, hygiene kits, medical supplies, sleeping bags, mattresses, insulated tents and psychological support for those who are traumatized.

“Thank you to everyone at The Prem Rawat Foundation for your generous support. We are honored by your partnership and happy for the help that together we will be able to bring to the field where thousands of people are suffering,” says Roberto Vignola, Cesvi Deputy General Manager.

Since Prem Rawat founded TPRF in 2001, it has given over 160 grants totaling over $5.5 million to a variety of partner NGOs in 40 countries to help victims of natural disasters, COVID-19 and other traumas.

The humanitarian grants are just one of the ways that TPRF fulfills its mission of advancing dignity, peace and prosperity across the globe.

TPRF’s Food for People program has provided over 4.5 million nutritious meals, clean water, and educational opportunities to underserved children and elderly adults in India, Nepal and Ghana.

TPRF also offers the Peace Education Program, an innovative series of video-based workshops that have helped over 250,000 people in over 70 countries discover their own inner strength, hope and peace.

Registered as a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, TPRF has earned the highest rankings from independent evaluators Guidestar and Charity Navigator for transparency, fiscal responsibility, results and management.

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Watch this video to learn more about Prem Rawat’s approach to humanitarian aid and how your support for his foundation has helped people in 40 countries recover with dignity from hardships.



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Guidestar and Charity Navigator give TPRF their highest rankings for transparency, financial accountability and leadership.

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