Peace Education Program Inspires Transformation in Mexico

Thanks to the strong support of donors, volunteers, partner organizations and others, the Peace Education Program has topped the milestone of reaching over 300,000 people in 80 countries! The benefits have been profound, with participants across cultural divides sharing that the workshops have helped awaken a deep experience of hope and appreciation for life.

This new series of three short videos focuses on how the program is transforming lives in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It’s just one of many areas in the world where more and more people are enthusiastic about the program and excited to share their experience with you.

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“It gave me a guideline for treating myself better, for understanding myself. And in that way, I came to love myself, to recover.” – Juan Ramirez, a manager and former client at the Zazil Addiction Treatment Clinic

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“Historically, the police have tended to work separately from the people. The culture of the Peace Program helps with the challenge of that approach because it seeks to first transform this element, me, the policeman, being at peace with myself.” – Valentín Contreras, Police Training Director

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“It is a tool that helps me, so that we can offer options of happiness and peace to our students. There is nothing better than launching into this experience.” – Julian Aguilar, Rector at the Technological University of Cancún



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