Daya Rawat Thanks You for Putting Passion for Peace into Action

Thank you for supporting this appeal! With $111,943 raised, we still need help to reach the $175,000 goal. There is so much we can accomplish together in support of Prem Rawat’s vision and your participation makes it all possible.

In this week’s short new video, TPRF supporters from across the world express why they volunteer their time and resources. What a joy it is to be on this team with so many of you big-hearted people! Thank you for all of the ways you put your passion for peace into action.

Watch the Video

In the video, several of you voice confidence in knowing that TPRF uses your donations wisely. Your confidence was recently reaffirmed by GuideStar, an independent charity evaluator that gives TPRF its highest rating. It is such an honor for this Foundation to be a worthy vehicle for your trust and enthusiasm.

Thank you for participating in this appeal and for everything you do to bring light into this world.

With appreciation,

Daya Rawat


The Prem Rawat Foundation



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