Daya Rawat Invites You to Put Appreciation Appeal Over the Top

We’re getting close! $$157,300 has been raised toward the appeal goal of $175,000 and we need your help to put us over the top! Thank you so much for making this appeal such a success.

This week’s new video highlights how your support cultivates gratitude through the Peace Education Program. The program workshops feature Prem Rawat’s insights on how to appreciate life to the fullest, and your donations are crucial to making them available to more people around the globe.

Watch the Video

In the video, a police training director in Mexico shares how the Peace Education Program was “an opportunity to transform ourselves.” I can relate to the feeling and I know a lot of you can too. I am so grateful for Prem Rawat’s reminders that, no matter the stressful situations we may find ourselves in, we have the power to change and feel peace in our hearts.

For me this Appreciation Appeal is a wonderful opportunity to express that gratitude, as well as to help ensure that other people have access to those simple but profound reminders. I hope you feel the same way. 

With Appreciation,

Daya Rawat


The Prem Rawat Foundation



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