Daya Rawat Invites You to Feed Appreciation by Supporting Food for People

Thanks to all of you who are helping get the Appreciation Appeal off to a strong start! So far we have raised $85,908 toward the $175,000 goal.

Now is a great time to contribute while matching funds of up to $57,767 are still available to double your donation.

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Ibrahim Nurato, a student from Otinibi, Ghana who loves the Food for People (FFP) program. Before FFP opened its doors in Otinibi, malnourishment made it impossible for the local schools to field sports teams. Now they are fielding regional champions like Ibrahim who credit FFP meals with giving them the nourishment they need to succeed.

In this short video, Ibrahim takes a moment to thank you from the netball court just as he was named Most Valuable Player.

Watch the Video

For children like Ibrahim, your support is doing so much more than helping them win sporting events. It is empowering them with the self-esteem they need to make their dreams come true. The success we see on the court is being matched by what we’re seeing in the classroom, as more and more FFP beneficiaries are becoming the first members of their families to go on to higher education.

It is a wonder to witness how your donations are like seeds of appreciation that are growing and blooming in so many lives.

With appreciation,

Daya Rawat

President, The Prem Rawat Foundation



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