Please use the following steps to migrate your e mails using Gmail:

StepReceiving e mailImage
1Open your Gmail client and click on the settings Tab on the upper right hand corner.
2 Click on “Settings”
 3 Click on Accounts and Import 
 4Getting e mail:

Click on “Add a mail account” in the “Check mail from other accounts” towards the bottom

 5 Enter the same e mail address that you are currently using with TPRF. 
 6Click on Next Twice
 7Enter your e mail information

User name: Same as your email address

Password: Sent to you by email

POP Server:

Port: 995

Check “Always use a secure connection”

 8Click on Add Account
9Sending e mail
10Under Send Mail As, click on Add another e mail address
11 Enter your email address and click Next Step 
12 Enter your e mail information

SMTP Server:

Port: 465

User name: Same as your email address E.G “[email protected]

Password: Sent to you by email

Check “Secured connection”

Click on “Add Account”

13Enter the verification code sent to you by email and click on Verify