Ghana FFP Update: More Volunteers Join In

Guest blogger Kafui Esi Adjei sent us this report describing recent events at the Ghana Food for People construction site.

The Ghana Food for People Project is progressing steadily. As a result, the project is attracting support from a widening circle of Ghanaians. Volunteers from the city of Accra journeyed to the project site for the first time on Saturday, May 28th, to do communal work. They were very happy and enthusiastic and I could not help but to interview some of them. The group included nine women and seventeen men including the project team of Ben Modey, Emmanuel Adjei, Samuel Kotei and photographers Chris and Francis.

It was so nice to see these volunteers working with ease and happiness. The project is at the foundation block work stage,” said Sam Kotei, the Assistant Project Manager.  Mr. Ishmael Marquaye, the Villa Manager, feels very grateful to TPRF for providing the opportunity to do something for humanity and at the same time learn more about construction. “It is splendid,” he said.

Mary Impreim, a pensioner from the National Museum, said “I feel very happy about the Food for People project in Ghana because food is one of the two major things people need in the world. Shelter is the other and both are very essential. I’m very happy TPRF is going to feed the poor and the aged in Ghana. That is why I have come to help, to express my appreciation to the Foundation and to Prem Rawat for the opportunity he is giving the children of Otinibi. He is doing a very good job.”

Francisca Afi Davor, a secretary and a translator, said “I was very happy and proud when I heard about the project because when the children are satisfied they will learn well and be at peace with each other. A hungry man is an angry man, so when they are satisfied they will be at peace. Today being a Saturday and not a working day, it will be my pleasure to donate my time to help on the project.”

Alex Wiredu, a businessman, said “It’s wonderful to have a food project in Ghana. This care and love from Prem Rawat should not be underrated. I feel it is only proper to participate in this opportunity that is now available to us.  It is a privilege to help in the effort that Prem Rawat is making to care for the kids in Ghana. And it is fun to hold and throw the shovel to shed some fat out of this body.”

Dorcas Nelly Eshun, a businesswoman said “I’m so happy that Ghana is the third country with a project like this one. I’m very proud to be part of it. I thank Prem Rawat and TPRF for this beautiful opportunity.”

Roseline Setorwu, a Caterer, said “I am very happy and grateful to Prem Rawat. Because I am a very experienced cook, the first day I heard about Food for People in Ghana, I decided to become a part of the team that will work in the facility when it opens. I love children very much and I will be happy to take care of them by feeding them.”

The volunteers will be at the project construction site again on June 11th.  I intend to be there too.

*Photos Courtesy of Kafui Esi Adjei

Volunteers Lend a Hand at Ghana FFP Construction Site



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