novembre 6, 2015 à 12:51 am
Tara singh limbu adviser to the boardof members
united hands for change [email protected]

always we need to change for changing the world

 septembre 21, 2015 à 1:28 am
John McClean Chair
Citizens for Peace Outside and Within [email protected]

 septembre 20, 2015 à 4:17 pm
Bo Mesing Coordinator
Western PA Resaource Group [email protected]

I am showing Peace & Well Being at CCBC (Community College of Beaver County, Beaver, PA) in support of Peace Day and the Yoga teacher, who is sponsoring the vent, wants 30 minutes of meditation after the video – to support Peace Day.

 septembre 19, 2015 à 8:49 pm
Debbie Cations Company Secretary
Australians for Peace [email protected]

 septembre 19, 2015 à 10:19 am
Beate Ulfert chairwoman
Sponsors for Peace e.V. [email protected]

Now I found out that the name “sponsors for peace” is
already used by an organisation in scotland.
To have a clear distinction we suggest to add the name of the country.
for example: Sponsors for Peace – Germany
Sponsors for Peace – Scotland

 septembre 17, 2015 à 8:36 am


 septembre 16, 2015 à 5:55 pm
Annabel Jones Group Contact
On the Road: Arts, Wellbeing and Care in the Community [email protected]

this year we have an art exhibition entitled ‘Colours of Peace’ at the local community art centre – 21st September for 5 days
and also a visual display of the work that ‘on the road’ does

we will be showing peace one day youtube clips which include prem rawat and j gilley interview,
we will be displaying WAF material alongside those of another international effort that we support
we will have PEP information available along with invites to come to a taster session in October – we have already completed 2 PEPs in this area –

this exhibition is being run as a cooperative effort amongst local artists – mainly Prem Rawat s message is not hugely known of amongst them – but clearly peace is of interest to them as participation is on a voluntary basis

we are based in Teignmouth, Devon UK

 septembre 16, 2015 à 1:15 pm
Abhishek Agarwal
P R International [email protected]

 septembre 16, 2015 à 11:55 am
Beate Ulfert chairwoman
Sponsors for Peace e.V. [email protected]

 septembre 16, 2015 à 9:09 am
Thierry Landry Acacha INFO LINE MANAGER


 septembre 16, 2015 à 3:57 am
Juli Hammersley Manager
Peace Partners [email protected]

 septembre 14, 2015 à 10:29 pm
Bahia Zahnan President
Information Center of Human Culture [email protected]

 septembre 14, 2015 à 9:37 pm
zarah ruffman owner
celestial treasurz [email protected]

on board

 septembre 14, 2015 à 9:35 pm
Paul and Beth Ruffman producers [email protected]


 septembre 14, 2015 à 9:33 pm
Paul Ruffman Senior VP of Business Development
Unified Pictures [email protected]

Let’s rock peace on their planet.

 septembre 14, 2015 à 9:15 pm
Paul and Beth Ruffman Producers
Masterpeace Innertainment [email protected]

We support peace on Earth with every breath.

 septembre 14, 2015 à 4:25 pm
April Wolcott President
Kidflix Global [email protected]

Can you send me your logo so I can put it under the partner section on my website with a live link to your site?

 septembre 14, 2015 à 3:26 pm
Tazi Yosr President
Fondation Abdehadi Tazi [email protected]

We are honored to partner with TPRF on this special day. We will be happy to extend this partnership to other fields of collaboration on Humanitarian activities and Peace Education Program.

 septembre 14, 2015 à 2:21 pm
April Wolcott President
Kidflix Global [email protected]

Can you send me your logo so I can put it under the partner section on my website with a live link to your site?

 septembre 13, 2015 à 3:13 pm
richard sadok manager
unjourlapaix [email protected]

I will present the PEP during International Peace Day of Peace on 19,20, and 21th September 2015 and we’ll watch some TPRF videos

 septembre 12, 2015 à 6:31 pm
TENGUE Koffi Anoumou Executive Director
Organisation Jeunesse pour le Développement Communautaire(ORJEDEC) [email protected]

no comment

 septembre 12, 2015 à 3:06 am
Ann Palmer eco-lyricist
EcoCarols champion [email protected]

Seeds of Peace EcoCarol
(to the tune of the Xmas carol O Little Town of Bethlehem)

An age-old dream of Peace we seek
Within our restless hearts.
Elusive as the quested Grail
Invoke this ancient art.
The Seeds of Peace we’re planting
in every place we go.
Their touch will heal a war-torn world.
Our task to help them grow.

Our very thoughts are seeding life,
the future we all share.
It matters what we tell ourselves
in high hope and despair.
The brightest star-seed rising
invites us all to care.
Show’ring a trillion Seeds of Peace
on people everywhere.

The miracle is life itself.
It cannot be denied.
Yet somehow in the darkness still
We lose this greatest guide.
To tend and love your garden
Plant lots of Seeds of Peace.
Our greater story will unfold,
A future yet to be.

 septembre 11, 2015 à 7:11 am
DUNIA KATEMBO Colomba country cordinator
[email protected] [email protected]

As a congoleese youth peace organisation called PEREX-CV /VIGLOJ we are very very interrested by the vision of yourorgaisation and we need to share experences with your organisation so that together we could build peace in our DR Congo

 septembre 11, 2015 à 6:44 am
Ravindra Raman Search Engine Optimization Consultant
Freelance Search Marketing Consultant [email protected]

 septembre 11, 2015 à 4:28 am
Margie Goodchild Owner
Tangerine Meg [email protected]

I’d love to continue being a small part of this wonderful project!
I will use the pretty dove image from the sign up page (correct?) and will be sure to post in social media and to my email tribe :)

 septembre 11, 2015 à 3:55 am
Leon Aarts Founder
Sweet Peace [email protected]

 septembre 11, 2015 à 12:44 am
David Weinberg Principal
PeaceChannel, Inc. [email protected]

 septembre 10, 2015 à 12:40 pm
Helen Caton Hughes MD
Forton Group [email protected]

We partnered last year and would like to do it again.

 septembre 10, 2015 à 7:58 am
Peb Burfoot Partner
Affinity Fine Art [email protected]

We are an art orientated business, operating from a high street shop and on the Internet. Both partners are long standing supporters of Prem Rawat’s work and keep materials available in our shop (and links online). We would be delighted to partner TPRF in the Peace for People initiative.

 septembre 5, 2015 à 9:09 am
David Hill Director, webmaster, misc,,,,,
Peace is Possible – NC [email protected]

 septembre 5, 2015 à 8:39 am
David Hill Director, webmaster, misc,,,,,
Peace is Possible – NC [email protected]

 septembre 4, 2015 à 5:10 am
Pericles Christodoulopoulos Yoga teacher
Hatha Yoga N. Erythrea [email protected]

 septembre 3, 2015 à 1:27 pm
Craig Klawuhn asst. co-ordinator
WNC 4 Peace [email protected]

A Partnership of Peace Makers in Western North Carolina for Peace Day and the future .

 septembre 2, 2015 à 1:58 pm
Antonio José Fróis Rafael Ferreira
Peace One Day Portugal [email protected]

 septembre 2, 2015 à 9:57 am
Nicola Cinelli President
Associazione Inside Out [email protected]

We would like to be a TPRF Partner in Peace for People 2015 and to take the actions expected of parners.
Kind regards
N.Cinelli (Presidente Associazione Inside Out)