Finding Inner Strength: PEP at Lifeprint, Phoenix

Volunteer Sandra Jones had just completed a free Tai Chi class at the Lifeprint Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona, when she realized that “this would be a great place to present the Peace Education Program.”

She approached Director Nancy ZumBrunnen and a meeting was arranged with volunteer Deborah Slater to present PEP as a class possibility. A glowing recommendation had been sent from the librarian at Phoenix’s Sun City retirement community, where Deborah and Sandra had previously presented a PEP class, and it soon became a “go.”

Lifeprint, a physician’s network in Phoenix’s Maricopa and Pinal Counties, opens their community center free of charge to non-Lifeprint patients, “offering a special place to be physically active, mentally stimulated and socially engaged.”

“They’ve been fabulous and so welcoming,” says Deborah. “Nancy has been very supportive. They did the printing for free (in color) of all the PEP workbooks and articles.”

“The response from the attendees has been incredible,” says Sandra. “One person in particular really touched me deeply. She came up to me after one of the classes with her hand over her heart and said, “Why haven’t I heard of Prem before?’”

Here is a sampling of some other attendee comments from the PEP program, which concluded last December:

“I know the past can drain you, but I didn’t realize that the future can also drain you. It can be overwhelming. This program has helped me to stay focused.”

“When you are feeling good, people respond to you differently. He tends to bring out the best in me.”

“Prem is not solving our problems for us. He’s leaving it up to us. He brings us an awareness to solve our own problems. When he spoke on inner strength, it was so powerful, I was speechless.”



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