Eureka Springs Independent: “Looking for Peace? It’s at the Library”

In this article, the Eureka Springs Independent newspaper covers why volunteer Jonny Haydn offers the Peace Education Program at the public library near where he lives in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Read the complete article here. An excerpt:

The workshops are designed to help people discover their own inner resources.


“The peace and harmony that people are seeking is alive and well inside us,” Jonny said. “There is a potential for knowing peace within. There is a way of learning the strengths and positive attributes we all have, qualities that need nurturing. I need it.”


Topics of the workshops include peace, appreciation, inner strength, self-awareness, clarity, understanding, dignity, choice, hope and contentment. While there are 10 video presentations, each stands alone. You can join the workshops at any point without having to have seen earlier videos.


Jonny doesn’t say a lot during the group discussion.


“My role is to simply stay out of it,” he said. “I’m there as a facilitator. I hope that if people enjoy it, they will come back. The messages aren’t really complicated or difficult. People appreciate its simplicity. One student said he learned that within himself there was a wealth of goodness that he wasn’t exercising as much as he could.”

Email [email protected] to learn how to present the Peace Education Program at a library or community center near you, or to find out if the innovative workshops are already offered where you live.



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