Reaching for Peace beyond Luxury in Bangalore

Happiest Minds Technologies in Bangalore, India, is a next generation IT services provider focused on harnessing disruptive technologies—defined by the McKinsey Global Institute as advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy.The primary vision of this company is, “Be the Happiness Evangelists for each other, our customers, and society.” In keeping with its motto, Happiest Minds is the first company in Bangalore to have started the Peace Education Program (PEP).

Thirty-five people from one sector of the company enrolled in the PEP workshop, to be held each Friday for 10 weeks, beginning July 11, 2014. Sharon S. Andrew, a “Happiness Evangelist” who supported the idea of having a PEP workshop for employees of the company, is very impressed with the program. She says, “We have never heard such a message before, and we would like to collaborate with TPRF to make it available for all the employees of Happiest Minds right at their desks so that they can enjoy it whenever they can fit it into their work schedule.”

Interest in the program seems to be high. At the second session of the workshop, participants reported that word was getting out about the program and many who had not enrolled were asking if they could be part of it.

During the reflection times participants are free to share their thoughts about what they are learning. Their expressions speak for themselves:

“I work so hard to make my life peaceful, but I never thought that anything besides material luxury could bring peace or that peace could be real and eternal. It’s time to find the peace within that Prem Rawat says has always been there.”

“These PEP sessions are a platform that enables me to think about several aspects of myself.”

“The joy of listening to this message of peace was my greatest take away.”

“In our busy schedule, taking time to reflect upon some of the very important aspects of life such as choice, clarity, and contentment. The power of these are amazing, and I came to know about them through the PEP workshop.”

The facilitators of this PEP workshop report that they look forward to bringing PEP to many other areas of the city.

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