Education in Ghana Elevated with Computer Lab Sponsored by Prem Rawat Foundation

Computer Education in Ghana: Aisha Bintu Khalifa School students are ready!

Elevating Education and Evolving Initiatives

From regular meals, to school scholarships, and now to a computer lab: The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is helping education in Ghana evolve. Through TPRF’s Food for People (FFP) program, 20 computers have been purchased for the Aisha Bintu Khalifa school in Otinibi, Ghana.

TPRF is supporting the growing needs of a small corner of the world that is determined to educate its children and shed the shackles of poverty. The computers are the next step in the evolution of the accessibility of education for the Otinibi school.

Prior to the establishment of the computer lab, only the principal and a teacher had access to a computer to assist them with their work. Following careful assessment and certain requirements being met, the computer lab was a logical and inspirational next step. A computer lab requires special conditions such as a cool housing facility, security, internet connection, and maintenance. Working with the school, TPRF helped create those conditions.


An Outpouring of Gratitude

The response from teachers, parents and students has been overwhelming. There is still a sense of disbelief surrounding the computer lab.

One surprised young student wondered, “Who is helping this school like this? May God bless such a person!”

Along with the surprise, there is gratitude. This comment by a teacher was echoed by many others: “God bless your firm for this kind gesture.”

To the generous supporters around the world: Each one of you is “such a person” who is “helping like this.” Thank you!

Female students in hijabs at Aisha Bintu Khalifa School in Ghana, participate in a lesson at the new computer lab made possible by The Prem Rawat Foundation

Aisha Bintu Khalifa School Students Getting Comfortable with Computers

Step by Step

In 2012, Food for People  established a food facility in Otinibi that offered nutritious meals for children. The meals allowed students to remain in school and provided fuel for learning – leading to higher enrollment and achievement. This showed how the simple power of a good meal could give education in Ghana a boost!

FFP has also evolved to complement the meals with other initiatives such as school scholarships to help eligible children pay for uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies and school fees. Now, with computer access, the children will have even more reason to stay in school. The computers will help students develop new skills, qualify for higher education and be more competitive in the job market.

TPRF has also sponsored computer labs in India and in Nepal with great results. These educational initiatives, as in Ghana, arose from local connections due to the Food for People programs.

As a TPRF partner in Nepal notes, the Food for People program offers more than food:

“This organization believes people deserve respect, peace, and equality. This isn’t just about food, but providing a foundation for education and a successful life,” says Prem Dhungel, Director of Premsagar Foundation Nepal

In 2022, in line with TPRF’s values of supporting sustainability, energy-efficient solar panels were installed at the FFP facility in Ghana.


A Gift that Keeps Giving

Providing computers is especially helpful for education in communities with very limited resources or infrastructure. Computer literacy may help such communities “leap-frog” their education and assist them in emerging from poverty. Undoubtedly, technology plays an important role in today’s global workplace. An investment in education will continue to produce benefits that continue throughout an individual’s lifespan. The gift of education is a gift that keeps giving. Thanks to generous donors around the world, TPRF is able to provide such opportunities.

Learn more about the Food for People program here



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