E Mail Migration

The following are instructions on how to transfer your existing e mails from the old server to the new one and how to setup your existing e mail client to communicate with the new server.

1: How to transfer your existing e mails from the old server to the new one.

Click here to download a PDF: Transferring your existing e mails

2: How to setup your existing e mail client with the new server.

Individual instructions for your preferred e mail client using the above information:


Web Mail

Windows Live Mail

Mac OS

IOS (Apple)

Outlook 2016



Q:  Using Gmail, I may end up with LOTS of emails out on a TPRF server in the cloud?

A: We recommend you use the POP3 protocol with your GMAIL which will fully relieve the TPRF “cloud” – Gmail is accessible from all devices simultaneously so you will never have a problem accessing archives etc.

Q: What is the difference between IMAP and POP3?

A: These are two different protocols for handling email.  IMAP syncs your e mails between the server and your e mail client. POP3 downloads the e mails to your client and removes them from the server.

Q: Do I have to move my old e mails now?

A: We will send out a 2nd email before the switch is made, however it is wise to move them as soon as possible. Note: There may be some left over emails that you will need to move on the switch date.

Q: Will my folders stay intact?

A: We have tested Thunderbird with Windows and MAC and the folders were downloaded. Note: Please follow the Thunderbird instructions carefully. We have had some people report the folders did not move correctly.

Q: When is the deadline for the move? I simply do not have time right now.

A: We need to make this happen soon because many of our users have run out of space on the old e mail server. Our target date is the 15th of November.

Q: What if I do nothing before the deadline?

A: You will no longer have access to any saved TPRF e mails.

Q: I do not have any saved e mails, the instructions are not clear in that when I skip steps 1 and 2 and go to 3, it takes me back to the same document.

A: Step 3 is how to connect to the new email server. Please read section 2 above for details on how to do that.

Q: I do not know my existing password

A: Please e mail [email protected] to reset your password.

Q: Do I have to use Thunderbird?

A: We have found Thunderbird to be best solution for transferring the emails. However once that is complete, you can use any e mail program.

Q: For those of us on MAC – I need someone who can support either with written instructions or is available to skype with me to see my screen as I try to sync my macbook.

A: We are updating the instructions for troubleshooting with a MAC