PEP Reporting System DEMO User Start Page

Getting started with PEP is a multi-faceted effort. It includes obtaining your PEP material, understanding PEP facilitation, and learning how to use the PEP Reporting System. The PEP Help Desk will be reaching out to you to discuss materials and other issues. This part of the website is focused on the PEP Reporting System (PRS). Please bookmark this page so you can easily return to it.


Training Videos

Training videos are available and recommended to help you get acquainted with the PEP Reporting System (PRS). Click here to open the training videos page in a new window or tab. Return to this window or tab at any time by clicking on it.


Step-by-Step Guide – DEMO

After you have reviewed the material in the training videos, you will be able to walk through the following step-by-step guide. If you have questions now or at any time along the way, please consult the Reporting System FAQ page. Please bookmark that link. The PEP Help Desk — [email protected] — will also be happy to help.

1  If you have reached this page, you have received an email from TPRF approving your Application and providing your login credentials for the reporting system.

2  Please log in to the demo system using the User ID and initial password in your email. Bookmark the login link.

3  Your initial password is unique for you, but you may change it at any time.

4  Select Course Reporting from the Main Menu. One Facility as defined in your application has been set up. If you have additional Facilities in use or soon to be in use, set them up using the Facility Management tools under Course Reporting.

5  After you have set up all of your active Facilities, if you have already been conducting PEP Courses, do a Begin Course report for all PEP Courses that are in progress or were completed in your starting month Use the actual start date of each Course, even if it is earlier than this month.

6  Whenever a Course is completed, make an End Course report.

7  Continue making Begin Course and End Course reports as appropriate.

8  You may also set up additional Contacts using the License Contact Management function. Each Contact receives an individual User ID and initial Password. As the Primary Contact, you control the Facilities to which other Course Reporter Contacts have access.


User Community Forum

There is a Community Forum for all Users of PEP Recording System. Please apply to join the Forum. The Forum is a primary support resource where Users can get discuss system issues and raise questions that will be answered to the benefit of all. You are strongly encouraged to be an active participant in the Forum.


About Attendance Records

How you keep attendance in your PEP Courses is up to you, as long as your method gives you the attendance information needed for the End Course reports. This is a suggested method that you may want to adopt. If not, it may give you some ideas for your own system.

1  To review the suggested attendance method, first download this attendance sheet. Edit this Word document to fit your needs.

Pass the sheet around at the beginning of each session, with these Instructions for attendees:

First Session
Write your first name and last initial on a line, answer Y/N, and put a check in column 1.
Other Sessions
If your name is on the list, put a check in column <x>. If not, add your name, answer Y/N, and put a check in column <x>

3  Instructions for the Course Facilitators:

Keep and protect the sheet(s) to use from session to session. At the end of the course, review the sheet, enter the total number of check marks in each line in the Tot column, and circle each Y answer for anyone who attended at least 4 sessions.
New Attendees = number of Y answers on the sheet
New Participants = number of circled Y answers on the sheet
Total Attendance = total number Tot column
Total Sessions = number of columns on the sheet

4  In your count of New Participants, you may use your discretion to count a person who attended less than 4 sessions. Typically, this would mean that you know the person is keenly interested and very likely to attend a future Course. Such a person might be one who joined the Course late, or someone whose absence at more than 6 sessions was due to factors beyond his or her control.

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