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Emmanuel Kojo Adjei found growing up in Ghana to be a tough proposition. These days, Emmanuel finds himself playing a key role in a project that can bring a brighter future to the Otinibi villagers and people in the surrounding area.

Ghanians place a high value on education because it represents hope for a better life. As a child, Emmanuel struggled to stay in school.

“At various times, I had to stay with different uncles who helped support my education,” Emmanuel said. “I was determined to complete my education so that my children would not suffer the same fate as so many others. Now, education is everything in Ghana. Everyone, rich or poor, tries to give his or her child a good education. Parents hope it will help their children escape a difficult life. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to support their children through the process. Even with free primary education, some are not able to provide the few things required of them.”

Emmanuel Adjei addressing villagers in Otinibi, Ghana

Emmanuel Adjei addressing Otinibi villagers

Emmanuel’s determination to study hard and succeed paid off. He is a trained Civil Engineer and Project Manager and is currently completing an MBA degree. Emmanuel has worked in the construction industry since 1978 and is now director of a small construction company that he owns with a friend, Sam Dsane. His company has built several residential and commercial buildings and has earned an excellent reputation.

Emmanuel first worked with TPRF on a clean water initiative in Ghana and became the contact person for the Foundation in 1998. Now he works regularly with government agencies and business leaders to raise awareness of TPRF’s humanitarian work. He also serves on the board of Prembaf, the local charity that TPRF will fund to build and oversee the Food for People center in Ghana.

School children in Otinibi, Ghana

School children in Otinibi, Ghana

“My role as TPRF contact person started with one thing and grew steadily into my involvement with the Food for People project,” he said.  “My experience with Prem Rawat has given me so much, and therefore it is with that appreciation that I also give to society.”

The generous gift of land by the Otinibi Chief helped significantly to make the project possible. Emmanuel tells the short story behind the land grant:

“We met the chiefs and opinion leaders and briefed them about our plans for the village after completing our needs assessment. We then explained the scope of the project and suggested that they could speed up the process if they could offer land near the school for the FFP facility. This was readily accepted without debate, and within a matter of about a week, we were shown the land.”

Emmanuel reports that the local people feel “great excitement and expectation” about the project. He speaks to the Otinibi School Headmistress on a regular basis. Her first words upon hearing about the project were, “This is God sent.”

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